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How is wealth created?

wealth creationAs a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, I’m often asked by women how investments work, and why they should invest outside of a savings account. Without a clear understanding of why you should invest in a company in an attempt to make a profit rather than putting money in a savings vehicle like a CD, it may be easier to take the path of least resistance. Let me explain. The bank or credit union pays you one quarter of a percent (or less) on your deposit, which is in essence a loan to the bank, and they loan money out to others at 4% to 5%. You may get a bit more on a CD, but that, my friend is capitalism. A savings deposit pays one quarter of a percent (.25%) to the loaner (you); and 4.75% to the owner (the bank). In order to accumulate meaningful savings, it is often necessary to take on some investment risk.
So that leads to the question:

How is wealth created?

There are four things required in order for wealth to be created.

1. Financial capital or money. Money is necessary to be invested in order for a company to manufacture a product or provide a service for a profit.
2. Natural resources. Oil, gas, land and gold and other commodities are assets that can be used in creating products.
3. Intellectual capital. A great idea or a new way of delivering a product or service is an example of intellectual capital. Think Apple i-Phone or the Google search engine.
4.Skilled labor

creationsWhen all four of these things come together, wealth is created. If we provide capital to a company through investment of our money, that entitles us to a piece of the wealth created. Investing, in its simplest form, is saving a part of what you earn, having an investment philosophy or discipline and a road-map, and paying attention to the cost of the investment. If you’re not sure how to proceed, engage a Certified Financial Planner and they will help you make a plan. Don’t wait for your husband or your father or some other man in your life to do this for you. You are capable and qualified to do this on your own.

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